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Success is more likely when you are surrounded by like-minded people, all focused on the same thing - getting it done! It is our mission to support you in your effort to get that promotion, live your best life and achieve your goals.

Our Founder

Work Smart Club

The Club was created by Dr. Cynthia Howard. Living and leading in the digital age requires a new way to  think about work. We value you, your time and are committed to helping you accelerate your future through premium content, resources and great networking. 

Dr. Cynthia Howard

Executive Coach | Performance Consultant | Black Belt Lean Six Sigma

Dr. Cynthia Howard is a leading expert in performance improvement and life acceleration. Having worked with thousands of high achievers, she understands the value of time and the power of intentional focus. She has written, the Work Smart Principle and other books on resilience and mindset.

Meet our Team

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The Work Smart Club is a library of resources available on demand through a subscription. We add new content weekly. It has bite sized content, consumable on the go, 5-10 minutes along with courses, checklists, audio to be accessed in 15 minutes a day. 

Here are some of our courses, there are more, and new content is added weekly.

Yes, your subscription, quarterly or monthly, comes with a 7 day trial. You are not charged until the trial ends.

The Work Smart Club and network is for anyone who wants to accomplish their goals, get the promotion, manage stress, and have resources, to live their best life.

Resources, live events and connections are available when you need them, 24/7.

If you are a manager, supervisor, aspiring manager, business owner or professional and do not want to google for your information, only to spend too much time searching and then questioning the results, you need to join the Club.

The Work Smart Club Network is our private online space where you have access to monthly challenges, live events and networking with other like minded people who want to be their best and achieve their goals. 

We provide a monthly challenge and webinar with easy to implement tips. We have conversations about the  questions members have, and help you breakthrough your stuck place and achieve your goal.  

The network is where the conversation is about all the amazing content in the the Work Smart Club Library. So if you want to ask for a raise, learn to delegate, set sticky goals, learn to be mindful, apply lean sigma tools and anything else related to being your best, at work and at home, we talk about that in the network.