7 Things You Do Not Want to Say When Asking for a Raise

Asking for a raise can be intimidating. Have a plan before you go into the appointment. The following 7 phrases will help you know what NOT to say when asking for the raise. It is important to have a strategy and to be very clear of your value contribution before you make the move. Here are a few other considerations, when planning your to go for the raise: listing your most recent accomplishments pointing out successes within your team tying your contributions directly to the successes of the company (when there is a direct link) Check out the following and be sure you do NOT lead with any of them. 1. I’m leaving if you don’t grant me a raise ... If this is what you plan on telling yourread more

Is Your Boss a Bully?

If you’ve ever been in a situation where your boss, supervisor or manager was bullying you, you are not alone. Statistics show that nearly one-fifth of employees in the United States are a target of workplace bullying, and about 19% of employees witness these acts directly. How do you know if you’re being bullied, and you have more than just a “tough” boss? Here are some signs: They humiliate you in public They withhold important information or give you misleading information They call you names They yell or raise their voice They blame you when things go wrong If you cross them, they attempt to get you back They take your best ideas and pass them off as their own Think objectively about the situation.  Realize that no matter howread more

5 Tips to Deal with Overwhelm at Work (and stop being the Superhero)

Ever notice how everyone is so busy? Multi-tasking is the new normal and distracted is the typical state of mind.  You probably have a ‘to do’ list with more items on it than you can achieve in the course of a day. As a coach, the complaint I hear most often is fatigue. Even young people complain they do not have the energy they need to get things done. What do you hear among your peers? Listen in on conversations; you will hear people complain about how much they have to do both at home and at work. If your job is so stressful that you tense up when you walk through the door; you might be suffering from overwhelm. Chronic stress has been known to cause multiple physical andread more

3 Ways Stress Impacts Your Confidence

We live in a distracted world. The more technology used during the day, the more distracted we are. The impact of this distraction is greater stress and decreased confidence. This ultimately impacts the way we feel about ourselves and also how others see us. This 6 minute video takes you through a typical day that ultimately erodes confidence. As a leader, your credibility is your currency. And confidence is what keeps you credible.   Click to let me know if you accept the challenge at the end.   Facebook LinkedIn Twitter About the Author Cynthia Howard RN, CNC, PhD Pioneer of the resilient mindset. Author. Having worked with thousands of professionals and leaders over 20+ years in an Executive Coaching practice, Dr. Howard has developed a roadmap for leaders to bringread more

5 Secrets to Handling Passive Aggressive Coworkers

We have all, at one time or another, encountered passive-aggressive people at work.  And it is possible you may be a little passive-aggressive at times, as well. This can happen when having direct conversations are not acceptable in the culture. If being polite is an unspoken requirement, people are likely to resort to passive aggressive forms of communication. If you regularly encounter rude comments, blame-shifting, sarcasm, procrastination and the occasional silent treatment, it can wear down you down, making it difficult to work as a team, and it creates a toxic environment. So how can you move forward in such a work environment and come out on top? Here are 5 secrets to handling passive-aggressive colleagues: Don’t retaliate with similar passive-aggressive behavior. This throws fuel on the fire. It’s canread more

Complacency in leadership

Low expectations: Average Goals Equals Below Average Results

Are you afraid to be bold? Do you set your goals low, just in case? You want to know some of the worst advice I have ever heard in my life? “If you set your goals low, you’ll never be disappointed.” Unfortunately, in today’s world, average goals just don’t cut it anymore. The truth is, average goals always lead to below average results. Although some people and business might be able to skitter by with mediocre results, they will never be truly successful. In order to reach the levels of success that we all dream of, you need to be willing to set your goals high. Maybe even higher than you believe you could achieve. Of course some might argue that, by adopting high goals, you could be setting yourselfread more

Type A

Are You Type A (3 Ways to Transform A into Awesome)

Type A is short for the driven person who is usually in a rush, often coming across as aggressive and short tempered. Type A's are ambitious, perfectionists, and in the process of getting the job done and do not think about how they come off to others. Results matter and people are secondary.  There can be a trail of hurt feelings and offended people behind every Type A. Type A's have a higher risk of heart disease and high blood pressure. And they are better at achieving their goals, at least that is what they will tell you. It is not always the case. Being busy, rushing doesn't always translate into the desired outcomes. There is a better way to accomplish amazing goals. Check out these 5 signs that youread more

4 Ways Overthinking Sabotages Your Plans

When you are in a hyper-productive mood, do you put much thought into it? Or do you feel like you are too busy getting stuff done to bother? Overthinking is a well-known enemy of productivity. When we are feeling productive, we blow through our work in record time, but when we start to overthink, we can have trouble reaching that place of productivity we all strive for. Here are some of the ways that overthinking can stop us from reaching our potential and kill productivity in its tracks. 1. It Kills Your Mood When you are feeling happy, it always seems much easier to get your work done. That’s because it IS easier! Trying to get work done when you are feeling emotionally down can be very difficult. Your moodread more