Technology has changed how we live, work, and communicate.

It is time to change how you lead, manage and think.

If you are managing any type of change at work, to be successful, you, as the leader, need to work smart & think different.

The Work Smart Club provides tools, resources and support to be more effective as a leader, develop your brand and increase your impact on your world.

Research shows the MOST EFFECTIVE teams are energized and share a commitment…

This increases their creativity and effectiveness.

How do you get there? We help you develop these power skills. We call it the R.E.A.L. Difference™:

Resilience is required to bounce – forward – in today’s volatile workplace.

Emotional intelligence, as a leader you need to connect with, and challenge, your team.

Being Agile is the first step to “doing” agile, lean or six sigma, and transforming your workplace.

Your leadership needs to have an IMPACT so you get consistent results.

Working with Dr. Howard is energizing. Her materials are top notch. Take advantage of this membership. It will change how you lead.


Sabine Brandt, L. Dip, Agile Expert

I knew when I met Dr. Howard, her work was important. It can be challenging to juggle the demands of people at work. She provides the tools to get work done and develop yourself at the same time.

Stephanie Petta, Director of Marketing

Dr. Cynthia Howard

Founder | Performance Expert | Executive Coach

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