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Cynthia Howard RN, CNC, PhD • Executive Coach • Author:
Resilience. Your Super Power. A Practical Guide for High Performance Leadership
Everyday Emotional Intelligence: A Guide to Better Communication

Why Do I Need the Resilient Leader Coaching Program?

Working and leading in the Digital Age requires leaders to think differently in order to have the impact they want.

As technology continues to change communication and the flow of information, leaders need to be flexible, adaptable and RESILIENT.  What happens too often is the frequent distractions and interruptions bring out the worst in people.

Resilience is a super power for leaders who know that pressure does impact performance and by engaging resilience, they learn to show up at their best – despite the demands.

Be Your Best. Authentic. Resilient Leader.

Who Needs Executive Coaching?

Bill Gates said the best advice he got was to get an executive coach. Leaders need ongoing development in order to meet and exceed the challenges that show up. Today there is 300% more information coming across an executives’ desk. This overload can make it tough to keep up with the important information while staying open, creative and innovative.

Resilience is one of the skill sets leaders need to be flexible and ready for challenges.

Here are a few of the reasons, one might engage in this coaching program:

  • Recently promoted
  • Desiring a promotion
  • Seeking new opportunities
  • Develop greater effectiveness. (Trouble meeting your goals, struggle with conflict, uncertainty, change management)
  • Prevent bias and burnout (Bias interferes with influential leadership; burnout can happen within 18 months of the role, limiting your effectiveness. Both are preventable.)
  • Leaders who want to maximize their value, make more money and have greater influence.

What Is Included in the Resilient Leader Coaching Experience

Nothing accelerates your progress faster than executive coaching. Dr. Howard has been called a “master coach” by her clients because of the laser focus she brings, helping you target what is most important.

The 1:1 coaching is enhanced with an online library of resources to support you between sessions, leaving your session time an opportunity to focus on your specific challenges. This optimizes your time so you can accomplish so much more.

Having worked with literally thousands of individuals, Cynthia has developed an effective system to move you further ahead faster than you thought possible.

Check out your options below. The absolute BEST VALUE to grow your leadership potential is the Resilient Leader Coaching.

What's Included in the Resilient Leader Coaching Program
  • 6  1:1 Coaching Sessions (Valued $1500)
  • EQi 2.0 Emotional Intelligence Assessment, 22 page report (Valued $299)
  • Workbook, 120 pp (Valued $49)
  • Daily Progress Checklist (Priceless, stay on target)
  • Everyday Gratitude & Appreciation Journal (Value $20)
  • The High Performance Advantage: Resilience Tools Booklet (Value $19)
  • Online Bonus Training (Value $199)

Total Value $2150

What's Included in the VIP Leadership Assessment
  • EQi 2.0 Emotional Intelligence Assessment, 22 page report
  • 90 minutes 1:1 Coaching with Dr. Howard via zoom or phone, recorded if you like
  • Workbook, 120 pp
  • Online portal, video explanation of Ei and report
  • Self awareness
  • Greater Confidence
  • Opportunity to apply entire fee to Resilient Leader Coaching within 30 days


Resilient Leader Coaching
Payment Plan

Enjoy amazing results from this 1:1 Coaching program with convenient monthly payments.

Move further ahead, faster!

$497/ month

x 3 months

Resilient Leader Coaching

Save $300 payment in full

Enjoy amazing results from this 1:1 Coaching program.  

Coaching is the single greatest accelerator of change.


VIP Leadership Assessment

Discover your leadership strengths with this EQi 2.0, the most widely used  emotional intelligence assessment. Have a 1:1 feedback session with Executive Coach.


Details on Resilient Leader Coaching 

6- 1:1 Coaching Sessions

Executive coaching is the single greatest accelerator to change. Dr. Cynthia Howard will move you further ahead faster helping you develop skills in resilience, strengthening emotional intelligence and bringing out your very best.

Sessions are scheduled via zoom and or the phone and recorded for your later review, if you desire.

Discover Your Leadership Strengths with the EQi 2.0
This is the most widely used assessment. Very accurate providing you with insights in your strengths, natural instincts as a leader and 16 dimensions of Ei for further development.

Resilient Leader Workbook 120 pp

This Workbook provides detailed explanations on the 16 dimensions of Ei (emotional intelligence) that are part of the EQi 2.0 assessment, helping you develop a personal development plan for the entire year. You have assessments on Resilient Thinking, Stress Tolerance, models for Decision Making along with suggestions to balance elements of your Ei to be the most effective.

The Online Library has templates and downloads to help you work with the 100 Day Roadmap.

120 pages. 


Bonus Booklets (online videos also)



Online Library

Access this digital learning 24/7 from any device. The following are Modules included in this program:

Module 1: EQi 2.0: Emotional Intelligence Assessment

Module 2: Resilience Toolkit: Strategies to Transform the Stress Reaction

Module 3: Authentic Leadrship

Module 4: Action Plan

Your Executive Coach 

Cynthia Howard RN, CNC, PhD

Pioneer of Resilient Mindset.
Fellow AIS (American Institute of Stress)
Licensed Heartmath Trainer + Provider
Green belt Lean Sigma (Pyzdek Institute)

Dr. Howard has worked with scores of leaders helping them supercharge their effectiveness while enjoying their role.

Cynthia has recognized that the chronic pressure and the rapid pace of change in the digital age requires leaders engage resilience and emotional intelligence in order to meet and exceed their goals.