What will you do over the next 100 days? 

Why do people STRUGGLE

to stay positive, engage in daily habits that support their goals and try NEW strategies that will move them ahead?

It is not because you do not care… in fact you may really want to push ahead. You may relate to this…

You buy books, set up resolutions and then, hit a roadblock, get distracted, or stuck. And you lose motivation and momentum.

What’s Stopping You?

There is one MAJOR Roadblock for most people:


– lack of clarity around what you want, self-doubt, believing you cannot do it, keeping you from getting the skills you need, negativity, distractions …  this stalls any type of commitment and progress.

You will not get ahead when you keep doing the same thing expecting different results! 

What if you had the same coach as top executives, high achievers and successful people?

Having a coach is the greatest accelerator of change! Successful people get ahead because they have coaches who share new strategies with them and keep them accountable … this translates into being energized and motivated. 

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Why I May Be The Best Coach for You

I am a “Coach’s Coach,” meaning I work with other coaches, including PhD’s, MSW’s to be their best. This expert experience is now yours.

I have worked with thousands of high achievers and business owners and want to share this experience with you.

I personally have reinvented myself many times, and gone through major transitions. I understand!

I have written 4 books and online programs on leadership, mindset and performance.

Pioneer of the Resilient Mindset. Developed the Resilience Pyramid. Green Belt Lean Sigma.

This means I understand top performance and can help you get there.


Success requires a roadmap. If you are a business owner, or aspire to something more in your life, you need clarity, a personal brand, a plan, and the passion to pursue your vision. The distractions and hassles, part of every day, can wear you down and dull your passion. We understand, and have built this platform to support you, on your mission.

We provide tools to stop the energy leaks, help you build your personal brand and offer strategies to fulfill your purpose with support to get you across the finish line.

What’s included in this program?

  • Online access 24/7 to premium resources.
  • 5 modules, audio, video, checklists, self assessments.
  • Physical copy of the book, What’s Stopping You Today, with toolbox, including Daily Habit Monitor, posters, essential oils, crystal, affirmation cards, and ‘Your Motivator’ Card deck.
  • Private FB group with weekly topics, live video with Dr. Howard.
  • Monthly live coaching call via zoom.
  • Membership in the Work Smart Club ($295 value)
  • Support network to motivate and inspire.

100 Day Plan

You register for 100 days and have an option to upgrade to a full year at a steep discount.

Think about HOW MUCH MORE you can accomplish with a plan, the support you need to keep going, and inspiration to fuel your passion.

This is your ticket to being unstoppable.

Online Course. Live Coaching: 6 Keys to Create Your Best Life!

#1 Develop Your Brand. Show up at your best.

#2 Learn to Bounce.  Learn proven tools to transform your reaction to stress.

#3 Emotions, Mindset, Habits for a No Excuses Life.

#4 You, 2.0: A Better Rewired Version of You.

#5 Your Internal GPS: Manage Expectations. Set Boundaries.

#6 The Number 1 Barrier to Success (and the way through it).

You have immediate access to the Course and the materials. Once you request access, you will be added to the private FB group. Physical copy of the book and your toolkit will arrive in 3 business days, (USA based addresses). 

Upon purchase you  will receive an email with contact information, instructions and further guidance.

$495/ 100 days Introductory Offer $295

Who is this program for?

  • Business owners. Breakthrough limiting mindset. Build your business.
  • Sales professional. Develop your brand. Boost your motivation. Increase your success rate.
  • Aspiring leaders. Need support to go for the promotion? Do you have a strong brand? Join us and move further ahead – faster.
  • Individuals who want to thrive. Need to lose weight, exercise, develop high performance habits?
  • Become a person of excellence. Develop personal mastery. STAND OUT!

Cynthia Howard RN, CNC, PhD

About Dr. Cynthia Howard  

Author | Performance Expert | Pioneer of Resilient Mindset

Green Belt in Lean Sigma | Fellow in AIS (American Institute of Stress)

20 + year practice helping thousands of people achieve their dreams and goals using an innovative approach.


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